In 2023, Ceipal demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a significant donation to the Sadhana Institute. This initiative, part of Ceipal’s ongoing effort to give back to the community, saw an impressive collaboration between Ceipal employees and the Nigama Foundation. The collective generosity of the Ceipal team, whose contributions were matched by the Nigama Foundation, culminated in a total donation of Rs. 1,09,473 (approximately $1200).
The donated items were carefully selected to meet the diverse needs of the Sadhana Institute, ensuring a meaningful impact on the community it serves. The contributions included a state-of-the-art Samsung 42-inch TV, an efficient IFB Dryer, Crompton Fans, a Presson multimedia microphone with speaker, Prestige Pressure Cookers, Panasonic Rice Cookers, and Rice bags. This thoughtful selection of donations underscores Ceipal’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for those supported by the Sadhana Institute and reflects the company’s broader commitment to social responsibility and community support.
For more information about the foundation: Sadhana Institute for the Intellectually Challenged